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CFNM.net Site Rip Part2 by SiteRipKing.com torrent
Category : Misc » Others
Added : 21 Jun 2011  
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This torrent contains:

St Dunstans Infirmary - Bad boy's punishment
Episode 1:
William has been caught with an open bottle of booze on him. He tries to argue his way out but the disbelieving nurse orders a urine test. However, to ensure he doesn't try any tricks, the test must be performed naked. Right in front of two schoolgirls who are only too eager to "assist" if it means they get to maul his firm young body.
Episode 2:
The urine test proved William has been drinking and the terrified lad wonders what comes next. He didn't bargain on being the subject for the girls' sex education lesson. Especially since that entails his arse being used for demonstration purposes. One thing's for certain, his tough guy reputation will be in tatters when the rest of the school hears about it!

St Dunstans Infirmary - Bully gets his comeupance
Episode 1:
Macho Bradley is all too ready to turn to violence to prove his superiority over his classmates, but his actions land him in serious trouble. His worst nightmare comes true as he's stripped completely naked in front of Miss Keen, the nurse and two giggling schoolgirls who gawk openly at his privates. This will be the most painful and humiliating experience of his life...
Episode 2:
Bradley thought being spanked with a paddle was bad enough, but he's about to experience something a million times worse. As Miss Keen's strap-on penetrates his virgin arse he experiences a whole new level of pain and humiliation. For such a proud lad his punishment in front of the girls and his enemy is unbearable.
Episode 3:
The nurse decides that the only way to curb Bradley's aggression is to drain his balls of sperm and his giggling classmates eagerly offer to assist. The thought of them gossiping about his humiliation with the other girls fills him with dread. But little does he know what else they have in mind, a punishment that will remain etched on his mind forever.

St Dunstans Infirmary - Nurse, the screens!
Episode 1:
Jack has been on edge all morning at the thought of his impending physical. The idea of having to take his clothes of in front of the pretty young nurse fills him with dread. Little does he know a nasty surprise awaits him in the cold and claustrophobic infirmary. For not only will the nurse get to see him fully naked, but also his teacher and hated classmate - the scheming Megan.
Episode 2:
"Are we nearly done Miss?" Poor Jack hates the attention his penis and testicles are getting from the nurse, his female teacher and classmate Megan. Their exploring fingers cause the embarrassed lad to grow an enormous erection and start leaking pre-cum. But every part of his body is to be measured, weighed and probed. It takes all his concentration not to have an "accident" in front of the three women...
Episode 3:
Jack's humiliation in the stark medical room is about to get a lot worse. His virgin arse is abruptly penetrated by a shiny metal proctoscope causing sharp pains to shoot through him. All the while he can hear the chatter of his classmates in the corridor on the other side of the paper-thin wall. But little does he realise the nurse intends there to be a more permanent record of his "examination."
Episode 4:
Shy Jack's blood runs cold when he's instructed to masturbate by the brusque nurse. Surely this is something that should be enjoyed in private - not performed in front of these women! The situation is made all the more unbearable by Megan who insists on taking photos as he strokes himself. And the cunning girl has plenty of other ideas of how to make his life hell.

St Dunstans Infirmary - Sportsman's shame
Episode 1:
It's trainee nurse Devine's first day at St. Dunstans and there's a treat in store: sporty episode2 got hit right in the privates while playing cricket and is sent to the Infirmary. It's the perfect excuse for a thorough examination of his cock and balls. The nervous lad has to contend with the nurses' unwanted attentions, all witnessed by the giggling Megan.
Episode 2:
"I, I, I, erm..." frightened Jason can do nothing but stutter uselessly as the dominant nurse bosses him around. The terrified lad has to endure having his anus probed while the naughty Megan teases him mercilessly. But worse is yet to come when the cunning schoolgirl gets to try out her first aid skills on his privates...
Episode 3:
Megan's ceaseless manipulation of Jason's cock has caused him to grow an enormous erection. But his humiliation doesn't end there. The trainee nurse shows the inquisitive girl how to force a boy to ejaculate. Powerless to resist he has to endure a painful punishment for his disgusting behaviour.

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    • image CFNMBadBoysPunishment.episode2.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    138.59 MB
    • image CFNMBullyGetsComeupance.episode1.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    190.35 MB
    • image CFNMBullyGetsComeupance.episode2.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    83.1 MB
    • image CFNMBullyGetsComeupance.episode3.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    119.24 MB
    • image CFNMNurseScreens.episode1.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    136.66 MB
    • image CFNMNurseScreens.episode2.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    310.98 MB
    • image CFNMNurseScreens.episode3.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    140.85 MB
    • image CFNMNurseScreens.episode4.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    149.78 MB
    • image CFNMSportsmansShame.episode1.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    188.53 MB
    • image CFNMSportsmansShame.episode2.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    159.71 MB
    • image CFNMSportsmansShame.episode3.SiteRipKing.com.wmv    180.21 MB

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