Danny Dyer Film Pack Vol 2(2001-2005)dvdrip Xvid Big A Little A

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1.86 GB 2001 - Is Harry on the Boat.avi
1.82 GB 2005 - The Business.avi
1.8 GB 2004 - The Football Factory.avi
1.46 GB 2003 - Second Generation Part 1.avi
1.46 GB 2001 - Tabloid.avi
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483.26 MB 2003 - Wasp.avi
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uncle ALF and auntie social


Danny Dyer Film Pack Vol 2(2001-2005)dvdrip Xvid Big A Little A


Is harry on the boat? (SkyTV Film)

1h 36mn / 1.86GB

This is another "feel good" flick. Danny takes the lead role as a tour rep
in Ibiza for "Young Free & Single". It's hot, loud and sexy, which is what
every guy wants on holiday. It's also a race to see which rep can win the
prize for most sexual conquests. The reps handle endless nights,endless
booze and sex the best they can. The only down side is their manager, an
arrogant selfish bitch who makes their lives hell at every possible chance.
This is a fun, easy going movie based on the cult novel of the same name by
Colin Butts.



1h 40mn / 1.46 GB

Darren Daniels is a deeply insincere talk show host whose show "Tabloid TV"
uncovers the darkest secrets of even the most virtous celebrity guest.Every
personality is queuing up to be seen on the russian roulette of talk shows,
despite the one-in-five chance of humiliation. Darren is introduced to the
malevolent Vince who leads him on an erotic romp that concludes with
terrifying violence.Can Darren escape his own sinister skeleton in the
closet,or will he become the ultimate victim of his own creation.
Danny plays Joe Public who is both the MC on the live set of the
"Tabloid TV" show and also does a voice over during the movie.
Sadly this is a rarely seen film that is hard to find, yet it shows
an accomplished and subtle side to Danny's acting, a worthy
addition to his professional portfolio.


Second Generation (Channel 4 TV Drama)

Pt1 1h 10mn / 1.46GB
Pt2 1h 5mn / 1.46GB

Second Generation stars Parminder Nagra as the free-thinking daughter in a
traditional Indian family who has torn herself away from the restrictive
traditions of her parents. A family emergency brings her back into the fold,
where the entire family must contend with how their world sometimes is at
odds with the modern London world they inhabit. In addition to the struggles
with her family, the daughter is caught in a love triangle involving her
British fiancé and her old flame.


Wasp (Short film)

24mn 12s / 483 MB

Zoë is a single mother who lives with her four children in Dartford. She is
poor and can't afford to buy food. One day her ex-boyfriend drives by and
asks her to go on a date with him. Scared that he doesn't want to go out
with her, she lies and tells him that she is just babysitting the kids.
This will be her first date in years


Free Speech (Short film)

5mn 22s / 98.4 MB

Splish splash, they were taking a bath. Mark and Sue relax in the tub, he
spooned beneath her. They're talking languidly when the conversation turns
to fantasies. She shares one, and soon there's tension and she must protest,
"It's just a fantasy." In defense, she asks him about his fantasies.
He comes clean. Can their relationship take this naked honesty, or have Sue
and Mark risked pulling the plug?


The Football Factory

1h 30mn / 1.80 GB

Testosterone and football combine to paint a violent portrait of
middle-class England in director Nick Love's adrenaline-charged adaptation
of John King's popular novel. Tommy is your typical twenty-something soccer
fan; bored with life, in love with lager, and always looking for a little
action from the ladies. Of course there's the fighting, too. When Tommy
exchanges blows with a rival football fan and the situation quickly spins
out of control, the thuggish sports fanatic is prompted to reconsider his
brutal lifestyle and make a change for the better.


The Business

1h 31mn / 1.82 GB

In the era when Britain's criminal elite fled for the safety of Spain in
order to escape the long-arm of Margaret Thatcher, a young scoundrel from
the tenements of South London finds the allure of money, women, and drugs
leading him down a dangerous path of self-destruction. Assigned the task of
delivering a large sum of money to an ex-con named Charlie (Tamer Hassan)
in Puerto Banus, English lad Frankie (Danny Dyer) becomes hopelessly
enamored with the laid back lifestyle enjoyed by the cheeky playboy and his
loyal ensemble of British ex-pats. Though it isn't long before Frankie is
named Charlie's second in command, the situation soon begins to heat up when
loyalties start to shift and business takes a back seat to pleasure. There's
no doubt that Frankie has a flair for the criminal lifestyle, though by the
looks of things he's getting a little too comfortable with his newfound
position of power. When Frankie succumbs to temptation and begins romancing
Carly (Georgina Chapman), the flirtatious girlfriend of psycho gangster
Sonny (Roland Manookian), it begins to look as if the lawless apprentice's
whirlwind criminal career will soon end with a bang.









To help complete my collection of Danny Dyer films I am still looking to source the following.
If you can help please let me know
Many thanks

1995 Loving(TV film) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0113714/

2000 In Limbo(Short film)
In Love (Short film)

2001 Prince of Denmark Hill (Short film)

2002 Dead Casual(BBC TV short film) http://www.imdb.com/title/tt0330202/
Locations no locations


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