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Digital Anarchy Primatte Chromakey - is a powerful chromakey compositing plugin for Adobe Photoshop. It creates a complex mask based on color and transparency. Primatte keeps areas of detail that are typically difficult to retain, like wisps of hair, glass surface, smoke, and water. This gives you the flexibility to add in any custom background your client wants to see... after the photo shoot.

Practical & creative features of Primatte include:

Improved AutoMask:

The best new feature in Primatte 5.0 is its incredible improvement in auto-masking. The AutoMask button has been completely redone to make your keying process on every image easier and with a high success rate. Photographers who produce high volumes for event photography, little league and school photos will see an improved and easier workflow.

Successful Batching:

Primatte 5.0 works fluidly with Photoshop's Actions and Batches. If youíre dealing with 500 school kids shot against greenscreen, you want to process the photographs in groups. You don't want to examine and mask each photo individually. Primatte's new AutoMasking is great at accurately processing large numbers of images, and especially benefit high volume photography. Go home to get some sleep while Primatte does the work.

Add Custom Backdrops:

A new Backdrop feature adds custom backgrounds directly within Primatte. The ability to add new backgrounds makes for a smoother, speedier workflow with many types of green screen photography. Put your client in Maui or on safari without going into Photoshop.

Add Logo Overlays:

A similar Overlay feature adds text or a logo for easy customer branding directly within Primatte. Overlays are especially useful if you want to do everything at once when creating a batch process with Primatte, as you donít have to go in to Photoshop to add a team logo.

Simplified interface:

Primatte 3.0 and 3.5 users will notice that new tools have appeared and others have been reorganized. We changed the way some features appear in order to make the interface less cluttered. We continued this streamlining process in version 5.0 and are positive that the new interface will speed up your workflow.

Powerful edge removal:

Primatte Chromakey software really shows its power when dealing with soft edges or semi-transparent areas. The Adobe Photoshop plugin easily creates a mask around areas of detail that are typically difficult to keep. Flyaway hair, a crystal glass, sheer material, even smoke and water. We keep 'em all for you.

Remove difficult spill:

A important part of Primatte Chromakey software is its built-in removal of color spill. During a photoshoot, light bounces off the screen and may throw an undesirable color tint on your subject. Primatte Chromakey software will remove that unwanted color, like green spill on a model's blonde hair.

Simple Transforms:

In Primatte 5.0, your subject, backdrop or overlay can be moved, scaled and rotated with simple Transform controls. If you click multiple checkboxes, you can even transform those images together.

Fix Uneven Lighting:

The new Fix Lighting tool helps with better keying around wrinkles, hotspots and shadows in unevenly lit screens. The new BG Blur tool will blur a custom background image to help simulate depth of field.

Better Light Wrap:

An improved Light Wrap feature gives more realistic compositing of keyed subject against a custom background. Light Wrap generates a soft glow for the illusion that light from the background layer is reflecting along the edges of your subject.




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