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PROBLEM-CHILD-2 [1991] DVDRip..(RAYMONDryche) torrent
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Added : 25 Dec 2009  
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The film's storyline picks up where the first film ended. Ben Healy is now the sole parent of Junior. He has decided the best thing for himself and Junior is to make a fresh start by traveling several states away to a town called Mortville. The town's name may or not be a reference to the very weird town with the same name from the John Waters cult film Desperate Living. Junior is happy to be in such a nice house with Ben; however, he sees other women "coming onto" his father as a threat to their time together.

Mortville is a community in which the women greatly outnumber the men; hence, Ben is courted by many single women, and Junior attempts to sabotage their chances with Ben. Much of Mortville is owned by the self-serving LaWanda Dumore, who sees Ben applying for a loan at her bank, and makes plans to ensnare him, herself having to compete for men in the community. In a further sense of irony, Junior attends the local elementary school, where the antagonistic Mr. Peabody is now employed as the school's principal. Although Junior is eight years of age, Peabody advances him to sixth grade, in order to have Junior graduate from elementary school at the end of the year, thus ensuring he will leave Peabody's presence. When Junior attends his sixth-grade class, he finds everyone—including the teacher—to be intimidated by a hulking and intellectually lazy bully, to which Junior is the only one to point out his stupidity, earning him a new enemy.

Junior also gets a new rival, a girl, named Trixie, who shares his fondness for trouble. When the bully tries to harm Junior by pushing a satellite dish off the school roof, it hits Ben instead, who finds himself in the care of a caring, attractive school nurse, named Annie (Amy Yasbeck in a different role from the first movie), who is later revealed to be a single mother with her hands full because of Trixie's troublemaking. When Ben goes on his first date he leaves Junior in the care of Rhoda, the babysitter, she seems like an angel but afterwards when Ben has left it is revealed she invited her boyfriend over. Junior is unhappy at this so he plants a secret camera in the master bedroom where they are on the bed having sex, he broadcasts this on the side of his house, which attracts a large number of rowdy men cheering them on.

"Big" Ben Healy has located Ben in Mortville, and abruptly moves in with him, admitting his sporting goods store has gone bankrupt, and he is broke. LaWanda also moves in, renovating Ben's house, and trying to pass herself off as a caring bride-to-be. She re-decorates Junior's bedroom in a clown motif, which he despises. Ben believes he should re-marry to have a woman in the home, and Ben's father wants to marry into LaWanda's money. Junior sees LaWanda for whom she really is, but is not believed by Ben, due to his numerous misbehaviors, such as dumping cockroaches in the salad, switching LaWanda's blood sample with that of a rabid dog, and swaps clipboards at the hospital making LaWanda get her nose elongated, instead of getting "treated for rabies". On the day of LaWanda's and Ben's wedding Junior and Trixie ,who had become friends, decide to stop it from happening.At the wedding Ben finds out about LaWanda's evil nature and decides not to marry her. At the end of the movie Ben decides to marry Annie, the nurse from the school and Trixie's mother, thus, Junior and Trixie become brother and sister. Big Ben falls in love with LaWanda.


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