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Added February 15 2011
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If you're looking to break the mould and develop some distinctive lead instruments for your mix, "VIP Synths: Dubstep and DnB Edition" is the one to check out. This edition has been fine tuned for the darker, subbier side of dance music: dubstep and drum & bass. Here you get hundreds of expertly built synth patches, ready to bend and twist into completely original sounds. If you need seriously high-impact and deadly destruction, there's a starting point here for your next creation. Are you ready to step out of the same old presets and rise above the rest?

This 300MB+ collection of hundreds of carefully pre-formatted software sampler multi-patches is available now for download for Kontakt, Halion, EXS24, NN-XT for Reason, SFZ for Sonar Cakewalk & more. You simply call up your favourite plug-in, drop these files in, and you're ready to explore, learn and innovate. These sounds are perfect to inject into heavy bass music, ideally compressed and triple-checked in our studio for optimum quality. You can even tweak this dubbed up inspiration into other styles like jungle, breaks, techno or electro.

Producer Dimitry Vasilyev is building up a solid collection of boundary-pushing releases on, and this is no exception. He has used a collection of seriously fat synths including the Clavia Nord Modular, Access Virus, Korg Mono/poly and Roland MKS30, to give you the foundation for the heavy drops and unforgettable hooks your audience is waiting for. It's all yours, royalty-free so you use these sounds in any project, for any media, without legal worries.

For beginners and even for experts, creating killer synth sounds can be a mystery, but relying on the factory presets is never going to be the best solution. This collection can give new life to your plug-ins, showing you new ways to blend signals and new possibilities for your tracks. Look at your composition workflow from a different perspective, and find out how to raise your game with "VIP Synths: Dubstep and DnB Edition".
Waveformless Review:

"The programming is extremely well done and nearly every sound is brimming over with grimey, gritty, dark, angry, ugly (the good kind) attitude. Just about every type of sound commonly used in these genres is represented here in several variations, and plenty of original twists are included as well."

"If those genres fit the kinds of sounds you're looking for, look no further. Everything you need to create your next track is here. Just add drums. [10/10]"
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