Windows LastXP v22 SP3

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Added April 14 2011
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LastXP v22

by ReturnOfNights
with help from Soporific
and Team LXP.

Hi there, welcome to the new LastXP. LastXP is aimed at home users who wish to mod an OS simply and to suit them. It has been specially programmed to allow easy modding as well as choosing what apps to include/remove and which options you wish at the very start of the installation.

It's probably a good idea to try this out in a Virtual Machine app first, to get an idea of what it can do.


This isn't any old Autorun, it contains the CD\DVD ISO Builders (LastXP Builder) utility! This allows you to totally customize this DVD for your own needs. You get to choose nearly all the things you would normally have to change after installation is complete including: Username, Organization, Computer Name, Network Name, Regional Setting, Language, Time Zone, Windows components, and many other Windows settings.

So, really, the first thing you should do is run the utility, it will make the new DVD image at the location of your choice.

CD\DVD ISO Builders (LastXP Builder)

Tools Menu
The screenshot is correct except that Hard Disk Regenerator is now v1.61 and Hiren's Boot CD is v9.8

Remove Windows Components during setup

Select Driverpacks


List of SetupS apps:
Don't Sort Startmenu from SetupS
Sort as LastXP/V Startmenu v4
Sort as Kazz Startmenu
Keep Accessories Startmenu
Custom Documents Icons v6
MediaCenter for LastXP Converter
SPTD Driver 1.56
ReOrder Startmenu Alphabetical
ppApps Shortcut Creations v3
ppGames Shortcut Creations v3
Dot.NET AIO 2.2 (Stimpy)
Kels CPLBonus Addon v9.2.6
Kels Runtimes 5.1
Kels Uber Addon v13.8.6
LastXP Context Menu Extras 1.2
Sop's Visual Styles Pack
270 Arty Farty Fonts (by AnneAardvark)
7-Zip 4.65
AIMP v2.51.330
A-Squared Free v4.0.0.46
AVS Video Tools 5.1
Adobe Reader v9.1
Autoit with SciTE4AutoIt3
Avira v8.2.0.337 [21.12.2008]
Beyond Compare
Bulk Rename Utility
Crap Cleaner 2.17
Celestia v1.5.1
Copy Path Addon
Disk Recoup 2.1
Drive Space Indicator v5.3.4.2
Driver Genius Professional Edition v8.0.316
Driver Magician v3.4
EVEREST Ultimate Edition 5.00.1650
EzBoot 5.12.586
Firefox v3.0.7
Free Download Manager 3.0.848
GSpot 2.70a
Hard Drive Inspector 3.0.195
Install Shield Runtimes
Icon Save and Restore (Desktop)
IncrediMail 5.80.3647
Irfanview 4.23
Java Runtime 6 Update 12
K-Lite Mega CodeC 4.70
KatMouse v1.04
Launchy 2.12
LimeWire PRO 5.1.1
MSN Live Messenger 8.5
MS Office 2003 (Micro)
Media Files Toolbox January 2009
Microsoft Silverlight 2 Final v2.0.31005
Nero v9.0.9.4d Portable
Notepad++ 5.2
Notepad2 v3.1.21.5-RC4 (modified)
Opera v9.64
PDF Creator v0.9.7
PE Explorer 1.99
PerfectDisk Professional 10.0.93
PhotoZoom Pro 2.6.6
RMClock 2.30
Screen Savers XP
Search Everything
SetupS SendTo Extension v8.0.1.0
Skype v4.0.0.215 Lite
Slysoft AnyDVD v6.4.9.0
SpeedFan 4.37
TuneUp Utilities 2009 8.0.2000
UltraISO Premium Edition v9.3.3.2685
Universal Extractor 1.6
Kels Universal Silent Switch Finder
VisualBasic 6 with SP6 Lite
VLC Media Player v0.9.8a
VMware Workstation 6.5b118166
Vista Drive Addon
Vista Mouse Cursors Addons
Winamp 5.551
WinAVI 8 Retail
WinRAR 3.80
WindowBlinds 6.2 Enhanced (60 Themes)
XnView 1.96

List of ppApps:
ccFile Transfer
Post ppApps Shortcut Creations v3
Post ppGames Shortcut Creations v3
Adobe Audition 3.0
Adobe Photoshop CS4
All Media Fixer 7.9
AutoPatcher XP Updater
Autoruns 9.39
Corel Paint Shop Pro Photo X2
DVD Decrypter
FileHippo Update Checker v1.030 Beta
Foxit Reader v3.0.1506
Free Commander 2008 .06c
IconWorkshop v6.3.3
Inno Setup 5
Installed Codec
Link Luster Clean
LockNote v1.0.4
Make Torrent 2
Media Player Classic
MultiRes Changer
PDF Unlocker v2.0
PhotoFiltre v6.3.2
PowerISO 4
PowerMenu 1.51
Rainlendar v2.5.72
RegShot v1.8.2
RocketDock 1.3.5
SMPlayer v0.6.7
SetupS ppApp v8.0.1.0
TinyResMeter 907b1
Vista TopDesk 1.6
Vista Visual Task Tips 3.4
WinSnap v2.16
WinXP Manager v6.0.2

Billboard Setup
Instead of watching out-dated advertising from Microsoft, why not play a game or two while you wait for setup to complete?

Some applications can be set to install at T13 - it's all part of the ssWPI apps system.

Locations no locations


SamDrivers 14.12 - Collection of drivers for all Windows 2014 FULL - software Verified 8.79 GB 139 137 1 day
Windows 8.1 N with Update 3 (English) - software Verified 19.42 GB 0 4 1 day
Windows 8.1 with Update 3 (English) - software Verified 20.42 GB 3 37 1 day
Windows XP PROFESSIONAL SP3 Dec 2014 + SATA Drivers [TechTools] - software Verified 626.3 MB 91 185 1 day
tr windows 8.1 enterprise with update x64 dvd 6050609.iso - software Verified 3.82 GB 1 11 1 day
tr windows 8.1 enterprise with update x86 dvd 6050869.iso - software Verified 2.8 GB 1 11 1 day
tr windows embedded 8 1 industry pro x64 dvd 2707422.iso - software Verified 3.61 GB 1 4 1 day
RimWorld - Alpha 8e (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 52.96 MB 50 6 2 days
MICROSOFT WINDOWS 8.1 RTM X64 WITH UPDATE ENGLISH DVD-MSDN - software Verified 4.03 GB 48 105 2 days
Kerbal Space Program (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 1022.3 MB 216 169 2 days
NEO Scavenger v1.0 (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 53.33 MB 47 13 2 days
RimWorld - Alpha 8d (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 52.96 MB 21 7 2 days
Windows Server 2008 R2 SP1 ESD Pre-Activated en-US Dec 2014 by Generation2-=TEAM OS=-{HKRG} - software Verified 3.24 GB 1 56 2 days
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X86 8in1 OEM ESD en-US Dec 2014 by Generation2-=TEAM OS=-{HKRG} - software Verified 2.86 GB 44 79 2 days
Windows 7 Ultimate SP1 X64 8in1 OEM ESD en-US Dec 2014 by Generation2-=TEAM OS=-{HKRG} - software Verified 3.55 GB 65 102 2 days
Windows 9 ULTIMATE 2015 - X86 - DiLshad Sys-=TEAM OS=-{HKRG} - software Verified 3.27 GB 63 652 2 days
Ms Windows 8 Pro Untouched ISO + Activator & Media Center Addon Key [danhuk] - software Verified 3.34 GB 1 8 2 days
Tomb Raider (1996), [1 CD - Eng] (Azione - Windows 7)TNTvillage - games Verified 533.07 MB 1 7 2 days
Space Engineers v01.060.022 (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 771.3 MB 9 10 3 days
Stonehearth v0.1.0 Build 166 (Windows) | VIruz - games Verified 110.91 MB 6 6 3 days